Healthcare and Hospitals: Whether your healthcare facility has 10 beds or 10,000, backup power is essential when lives are at stake. Collicutt Energy provides highly dependable MTU Onsite Energy solutions to ensure continuous power supply—from gas-powered cogeneration systems to emergency diesel generator sets. That’s why MTU Onsite Energy systems provided by Collicutt Energy are trusted in hospitals all over the world, providing reliable power. And peace of mind. 

Medical facilities all over the world, along with the the communities they support, depend on Collicutt Energy's MTU Onsite Energy emergency generator sets for critical power. Our MTU Onsite Energy diesel generator sets cover a complete power range, featuring an industry-leading average load factor, reliability and availability. They also offer one-step load acceptance to assure reliable power supply. Through superior design and engineering, our products offer medical professionals the assurance they need. 

Since hospitals also require reliable continuous heat and power, Collicutt Energy offers MTU Onsite Energy gas-fueled combined heat and power (CHP) cogeneration systems that operate 24/7, all from one trusted source. Our MTU Onsite Energy CHP systems provide tremendous efficiency, cost savings and environmental benefits, along with the assurance of independent heat and power if local grids fail or are unreliable.


Data Centers: Data centers need 100% reliability 365 days a year—or they risk data loss and dissatisfied customers, resulting in lost business. Collicutt Energy provides highly reliable MTU Onsite Energy diesel generator sets with an industry-leading average load factor to assure power supply. We also offer MTU Onsite Energy gas-powered trigeneration systems for combined power, heat and cooling. Trusted by data centers all over the world, including six of the top 10 online companies, MTU Onsite Energy products provide reliable power. And peace of mind.

Our MTU Onsite Energy diesel generator sets cover a complete power range, featuring industry-leading reliability and availability. MTU generator-drive diesel engines are designed with more cylinder displacement per rated horsepower than alternative products. As a result, our MTU Onsite Energy diesel generator sets are certified at an 85 percent average load factor over 24 hours, significantly higher than the 70 percent average load factor required by ISO 8528. Our approach results in lower engine stress, reducing maintenance and lengthening engine life. Since MTU Onsite Energy generator sets can handle 15 percent higher average loads, our customers may be able to specify fewer generator sets for data-center applications, depending on the size of the installation.

Collicutt Energy's MTU Onsite Energy combined heat and power (CHP) systems are another efficient solution. Fueled mostly from natural gas, they provide a reliable, flexible and continuous power supply along with an additional source of cooling. Using an absorption chiller, the CHP system can transfer heat into ambient cooling to reduce heat produced by servers and save air conditioning costs.

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Commercial: Many buildings and building complexes have a high demand for heat and power. Schools, universities, sports facilities, office facilities, shopping malls, cinema complexes and theaters often generate heat and obtain power from the public grid separately. 

Collicutt Energy Services offers a significantly more economical alternative with MTU Onsite Energy products. Our MTU Onsite Energy gas-powered cogeneration systems provide a flexible combination of heat and power (CHP) from a single source. Using proven technology, our MTU Onsite Energy systems provide up to 40% reductions in primary energy usage, and feature reduced emissions and low lifecycle costs. Using an absorption chiller, the CHP system can transfer heat into ambient cooling, which can then, for example, provide air conditioning to an office complex throughout the entire year. 

Collicutt Energy also offers reliable systems for backup power. Our MTU Onsite Energy diesel generator sets cover a complete power range, featuring an industry-leading average load factor, reliability and availability. Like all our MTU Onsite Energy systems, they’re trusted all over the world to provide reliable power when it is needed the most.

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Government: MTU Onsite Energy has more than 25 years of experience working with federal and state governments, making Collicutt Energy uniquely qualified to handle government projects, large or small. MTU Onsite Energy is recognized around the world for its leading-edge technology that delivers unsurpassed reliability. Just as important, though, is the experience and diligence Collicutt Energy brings to every project. You can count on us for the latest industry knowledge and best practices.



U.S. Government Contract Numbers
GSA Schedule Number: GS-07F-7800D
DUNS Number: 00617-5954
NAICS Code: 335312
CAGE Code: 21581


Agricultural: With thousands of installations worldwide, MTU Onsite Energy is a trusted name for agricultural operators, providing reliable heat, power and income. From backup power to continuous power, Collicutt Energy provides dependable MTU Onsite Energy diesel and gas power generation solutions that all types of farms — and their surrounding communities — count on every day. 

Farms can put organic material to efficient use with Collicutt Energy's MTU Onsite Energy biogas combined heat and power (CHP) systems. Using proven technology, our MTU Onsite Energy systems provide renewable energy with lower emissions and reduced lifecycle costs. In many countries, CHP plants are supported by the government and the produced electricity can be sold back to utilities at a guaranteed tariff rate to generate more revenue.

We offer solutions for backup power too. Reliable standby power, especially in rural settings, keeps agricultural operations running smoothly. Any power outage can cause serious financial implications and place entire crops or animal lives in danger. Our MTU Onsite Energy diesel generator sets cover a complete power range, featuring an industry-leading average load factor, reliability and availability.

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Utility: As population grows, so does the demand for energy. Now more than ever, a cost-effective and reliable energy supply for residential buildings and complexes is essential.

Reliability and efficiency makes our MTU Onsite Energy combination of heat and power (CHP) systems ideal for local power and heat supply. There are many benefits of using distributed energy supply systems powered by natural gas for residential areas. Generating heat from one large plant is a cost-effective and environmentally-friendly alternative to heating individual buildings with several smaller plants. Maintenance is easier and buildings can save space normally reserved for a boiler plant.

Collicutt Energy also offers systems for standby and prime power. Our MTU Onsite Energy diesel generator sets cover a complete power range, featuring an industry-leading average load factor, reliability and availability. Our MTU Onsite Energy diesel generator sets excel in large residential complexes and other sensitive environments, which may include harsh temperature fluctuations, diverse power needs or high transient loads from air conditioners, compressors and fire pumps.

Renewable: Today and in the future, our focus at Collicutt Energy is implementing system solutions for producing energy from climate-neutral regenerative fuels: such as combined heat and power systems (CHP) for biogas. 

The principle of a CHP system based on biogas is simple: biogas is generated during fermentation of organic material and collected. It is then used by a cogeneration system to create heat and power to be used locally or fed into the national power grid (as provided for by the Renewable Energy Act in Germany). The generated heat can be used during fermentation processes or to heat commercial buildings or residential areas.  

Our MTU Onsite Energy biogas powered CHP systems represent the ideal solution for multiple applications including; agricultural farms, sewage and water treatment and landfills.

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Gas Turbines: Entire communities depend on gas turbines for their large power demands, both for electric power and heat. Whether for peaking or for continuous power, energy suppliers utilities and industry have trusted Collicutt Energy's MTU Onsite Energy gas turbine systems for decades. 

Our MTU Onsite Energy gas turbine systems produce up to 48 MW of electric power per unit. In addition to electric power, our MTU Onsite Energy gas turbine systems can generate usable heat or process steam for combined heat and power (CHP) applications. 

Based on aeroderivative turbines, our MTU Onsite Energy systems can efficiently accommodate frequent startups and shutdowns as well as fluctuating loads, which makes them an ideal choice for peaking applications. Our MTU Onsite Energy gas turbine systems have fast startup times, reaching maximum load in 10 minutes. With electrical efficiency of up to 42% in simple cycle applications and fuel utilization of up to 85% in CHP, they provide outstanding efficiency. All of our systems comply with current European emission standards. 

Collicutt Energy offers full project engineering support from start to finish. We provide customized solutions to meet your specific requirements. Several sub-systems can be flexibly fitted to existing facilities, and individual components can be chosen according to your needs. A compact design enables us to accommodate the tight space constraints common in retrofit projects. 

Our support extends well beyond the sale. Our gas turbine systems after-sales offering includes rapid delivery of spare parts, 24-hour emergency service and remote diagnostics, as well as complete overhauls of your gas turbine. To protect your investment, we offer full maintenance contracts for up to 10 years, tailored to your specifications.